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Best Butterfly Knife Trainer

Written by:
Dr. Braide Honest
August 22, 2023

Welcome once again. If you’ve read our previous posts on the Butterfly Knife, also known as Fan and Balisong Knife, you either now own or desire to have a Butterfly Knife in your collection. It’s the right moment to know about the Trainer version of the Butterfly Knife. The Trainer knife will help you prepare and utilize your Butterfly Knife to the fullest.

Both for the experienced and beginner flipper, owing a butterfly trainer knife is really necessary for safe practice and skills improvement. A lot of trainer knives are available in the market today, and we’ll take a close evaluation of a couple of them, so you don’t get overwhelmed to make a choice.

In today’s blog, we’ll also deal with tricks involved in deploying the butterfly knife. It promises to be another interesting time-out as we delve into the subject of the day.

Brief Recap of the Butterfly Knife

The butterfly knife originated in the Philippines in 800 AD. It was commonly used for agricultural and hunting purposes by the People of Philippines (Filipinos).

The Butterfly knife today is not just a utility tool, but also a weapon.

The Balisong is the original name of the “Fan knives” or “Butterfly knives”

The knife takes its name “Butterfly knife” from the motion and “click clacks” sound the knife makes when it’s opened and closed, and well as the butterfly-like shape it takes when closed.

Are Butterfly Trainer Knives Really Safe?

The Butterfly Trainer Knives are safe for practice, since their blades are blunt, the handles are comfortable. These features makes them very suitable for beginners to practice and not get hurt.

With the trainer knives, the user is safe from cuts, bruises and harm. So we can say the Butterfly trainer knives are perfectly safe.

Tricks of the Butterfly Knife Trainer

One feature that makes the butterfly knife so fascinating is the complex and amazing tricks professionals and knife enthusiasts perform with the butterfly knife.

It’s intriguing to see experienced handlers display their skills when they flip, throw, catch, spin and twirl it around their fingers and thumbs. Sometimes these sequences go against the laws of physics. This naturally leave spectators amazed, when the professionals performs such tricks, with such a knife piece and not get hurt.

The trainer knives are usually a replica/identical with the real Butterfly knife, only that they are blunt. So while the onlookers are in awe, the professional may just be displaying his skills with a safe Butterfly trainer knife.

Sure, you’re getting quite fascinated and you imagine yourself showcasing such mastery. It’s very important to begin with a trainer knife, get skilled before attempting to advance to the Live Blades.

What to Look Out for in a Trainer Knife

The key factors to consider when looking out for a Butterfly trainer knife are:


It’s basically advisable to go for the option that’s most appealing to you, but also with consideration to other relevant factors. Having a butterfly trainer knife that you personally appreciate is an added advantage.

Blade Material:

The material of the blade should be durable to withstand repeated usage, since it will be deployed frequently for practice. The blade material should be one that wouldn’t easily break or bend. Recommended materials are High-carbon stainless steel and stainless steel.

Balance and Weight

Getting the right balance and weight is important, as this directly influence the user experience and performance. It’s recommended to choose a balance and weight that is convenient for your skill level and flipping style.

Handle texture

Sturdy and Durable materials makes good handle and always feels comfortable to handle. Such materials include Titanium and Aluminium. Materials like G10 provides increased grip. 

Pivot System

Generally, the Butterfly trainer knife pivot system affects its durability and performance. When smooth flipping experience, a trainer knife with a bushing system is ideal. Bushing pivot systems outlast washer pivot systems.

Blade Design

The blade design is another critical factor. You need a blade design that mimics the balance, weight and shape of a live blade. To prevent injuries, the edges should be round.


The Butterfly trainer knife have many options available as well a price range, there are the pocket friendly and high-end options. Pick an option that suits your budget. However, the more expensive variants may offer superior performance.

Top 7 Butterfly Knife Trainers

Benchmark Butterfly Trainer Knife

Benchmark Butterfly Trainer Knife

This knife is designed with a clip point stainless steel blade; the edge is dull and has a satin finishing.

The handles are very thick; this gives a solid feel on hold. The handles are made of cast metals and channel construction with pins.

Performance is great and appearance is nice.

Blade length: 4.1 inches, Cutting Edge 3.75inches, Handle length: 4.8inches, Handle material: Aluminium, Overall length: 9.0inches, Weight: 6.00oz

Price: $29.99


The Boker Magnum Balisong Trainer 2nd Gen

Boker Magnum Balisong Trainer 2nd Gen

The Balisong Trainer 2nd Gen is a newer trainer version. Enthusiasts and Fans alike find the trainer knife attractive, it’s a very convenient to use trainer knife. The blade is completely blunt.

Torx screws connects the both handles segments. This makes it possible to retighten the handles after repeated use for training. The T-bar classic version is also screw mounted and this provides additional stability.

The boker magnum also features perforated steel handle, this provides secure grip and supports different techniques.

Blade length: 3.94inches, Blade thickness: 0.09inch, Blade material: Stainless steel, Handle material: Stainless steel, Overall length: 8.66inches, Weight: 4.95oz

Price: $35.97


Squid Butterfly Trainer (White PVC)

Squid Butterfly Trainer

This trainer knife features a white PVC Blade. The C here indicates that the blade is chlorinated. The PVC has greater impact resistance than the regular PVC. This makes it an Ideal Trainer knife piece.

It’s a safe piece without legal restrictions and suitable to young trainers. It also features a phosphorous bronze washer, which makes for smooth flipping. The aesthetics is minimal and pleasant.

Blade Length: 4.375inches, Blade Width: 0.88 inches, Blade thickness: 0.13inches, Edge: Dull, Finishing: White, Handle Length: 5.50 inches, Handle Thickness: 0.48 inches, Overall length: 9.875 inches, Weight: 2.5oz.

Price: $45.99


The Kershaw Lucha Butterfly Knife Trainer

Kershaw Lucha Butterfly Knife Trainer

The Kershaw is an artistic looking knife trainer, its popular for having smooth and fast operating folders. The Kershaw took all they know about knives and applied it to the Butterfly knife. The Kershaw “Lucha” Butterfly knife trainer is the newest family member.

It features a Sandvik 14C28N stonewashed dull steel blade, A KVT Ball bearing Pivot –this feature makes for smooth and fast movement, and a Latch lock design

Blade length: 4.60 inches, Blade width: 0.88inches, Cutting edge: 4.3inches, Edge: Dull, Finish: Stonewash. Handle length: 5.8 inches, Handle width 1.122 inches, Handle material: Steel, Overall length: 10.25inches, Weight: 5.90oz

Price: $152-160


The Bear & Son 113TR Butterfly Knife Trainer

Bear Son 113TR Butterfly Knife Trainer

Featuring a high carbon stainless steel blade measuring 4 inches, it replicates the feel and weight of the live blade version, its handle is skeletonized, making it light and easy to practice with it. This piece weighs 3.82oz.

It’s safe, effective and affordable. It also features a tough epoxy powder coating over its zinc handle.

Price: $36.99


The Boker Plus Balisong Trainer

Boker Plus Balisong Trainer

The mechanism of the trainer knife corresponds perfectly to the live Butterfly Knife. The difference however is that in place of a sharp blade, this trainer version has a blunt blade, making it suitable for training purposes.

It comes with a clip, which makes it convenient to carry about.

This is a trainer knife that gives you great value for your money.

It features: A Stainless steel Blade of 4.06inches, Blade thickness: 0.11inch, Handle material: G10, Overall length: 9.13 inches, Weight: 5.4 oz.

Price: $94.99


The BRS Barebones Balisong Trainer

BRS Barebones Balisong Trainer

The BRS Barebones is an incredible masterpiece, a unique and classy butterfly knife trainer, made of durable steel 154CM. It’s a worth it must have for Butterfly enthusiasts.

This popular piece is anew trainer version and the quality is top-notch.

It features a stainless steel trainer blade, skeletonized stainless steel handles; the weight is reduced and provides balanced handling.

Blade length: 4.3 inches, Blade thickness: 0.13 inch, Blade material: 154CM, Handle length: 5.6inches, Handle thickness: 0.4 inch, Handle material: Steel, Finishing: Stonewash, Overall length: 10 inches, weight: 5.2oz

Price: $225.00



What is the best balisong trainer to start with?

The BB Barfly Bottle Opener Butterfly Knife Trainer is ideal for beginners, as they can perform different tricks with this piece. With an impressive 4.75 inch blade and a handle measuring 5.1 inches, pivots and roll pins, it’s a great trainer knife.

Are butterfly knife trainers legal?

The Butterfly Trainer Knife is 100% legal in the United State. The trainer knife is not considered a potential treat and therefore not illegal.

It’s makes for flipping and practicing other  tricks without getting hurt or hurting others.

What is the best budget butterfly knife trainer?

Without a shadow of doubt, we’ll say “The Glidr Arctic 2 Butterfly Knife Trainer”. It comes with a tuned bushing system, Minimal flipping friction and a very pocket-friendly option.


Final Thoughts

Many options are available when you need to make a choice of a Butterfly Knife Trainer. On today’s blog post, we considered 7 of these options, with varying price range, designs and materials.

Considering the features we listed and brands, we hope that choosing a Butterfly Knife Trainer has become a lot easier for you. We look forward to having you get a personal piece of these trainer knives, practice, improve on and perfect your skills. Can you imagine you flipping skilfully to the awe and amazement of your friends and family? Agree, you feel these thrills.

And if you are interested in knives for yourself or for a gift, then we invite you to visit Noblie custom knives. Simply jump on our catalogue, make a choice and we deliver.

        …and we come to the end of today’s discuss. See you on the next one.

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  • Sebastian Hartley

    While legends paint vivid pictures of the balisong’s storied past, tangible archaeological evidence from centuries ago is hard to come by. Yet, by the late 19th to early 20th centuries, its presence in the Philippines was undeniable.

    Fast forward to World War II, when the balisong began its journey to global fame. American soldiers stationed in the Philippines became enamored with these unique knives, bringing them home as keepsakes. Soon, the butterfly knife wasn’t just a Filipino treasure but a global sensation.

    By the tail end of the 20th century, the butterfly knife was dancing its way into Hollywood, often stealing scenes in movies and TV shows. However, its cinematic reputation led to it being viewed as a potential menace, resulting in varying legal restrictions across countries.

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