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Founded by Art knife and Collectible entrepreneurs in 2007, MuzenArt is the first and foremost leader in the Chinese Art Knife wholesale, distribution and retail industry, providing leadership in Art Knife marketing including knife exhibitions, market promotion, auctions, professional photography, ArtKnife book publishing, professional maintenance, tool supply and skill training in knifemaking and engraving.

In the past decade, MuzenArt established core partnerships with multiple major knife art organizations, and successfully introduced western metal art to the Chinese market. MuzenArt now has a 30,000 sqft lake-view gallery with a restaurant relating to knife art, and other Chinese market collectibles and has published multiple knife books, including the first large coffee table knife collection book “Ultimate Blades” which caters to the Asian region.

MuzenArt continuously promotes knife art and culture in China, promoting and expanding this still young but vibrant business.

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