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Most expensive knives in the world

Written by:
Aleks Nemtcev
March 16, 2024
the most expensive knives

In today’s feature, we delve into the world of luxury and craftsmanship with an exploration of the “Most Expensive Knife.” This article not only showcases the pinnacle of knife artistry but also highlights the exquisite realm of historical and modern custom knives. Join us as we uncover the stories, the craftsmanship, and the unparalleled quality behind these magnificent creations, elevating the concept of custom knives to unprecedented levels of elegance and value.

What is a custom knife?

A custom knife is a high-quality knife hand-made, from butt to tip, by an experienced knifemaker in a unique copy, and often to a customer’s order. Premium custom knives, apart from being extremely useful and reliable cutting tools, are also seen as stylish accessories highlighting the owner’s status and fashion.

Custom handmade knives are quite popular as gifts, as a very special instrument thoroughly wrought in the form of a piece of art will highlight the uniqueness of the owner’s character. Exclusive handmade knives are created for true connoisseurs of art. The main value of handmade knives is that there are no and cannot be standards: each high-end custom knife is a one-of-a-kind collectible. Each knife is handcrafted from start to finish, from the forge to the grinder, to reach the highest quality and decoration the customer can have.

A handmade custom knife is deemed to be an excellent gift because such a gift speaks of the high status and character of its owner. Apart from being a serviceable cutting tool, a premium custom knife is a remarkable unique souvenir that will be appreciated for a long time.

most expensive pocket knives

Why are some knives so expensive?

Several factors contribute to a knife’s high price, including craftsmanship, rarity, historical significance, the quality of materials used, and often the reputation of the maker or brand.

the most expensive knives

Image: The World’s 3 Most Expensive Knives

How much do custom knives cost?

A custom knife and a mass-produced industrial knife are two completely different objects, and it is best to consider a handcrafted blade a work of art meant to be both an heirloom and a useful tool.

Pricing unique exclusive knives is a tricky thing. Individual features and characteristics of each order are taken into account. In each order, the main factors are taken into account, such as the type of material, pattern, size, type of finish, decorations, and accessories (sheath, stand, or display case). There are also nuances such as styles and number of knife parts, swage lengths and finishes, attachment methods, and shell liner type and size to consider.

Of course, in handmade knives, some details are never found in factory products without passing through the hands of the master. A blacksmith or knife maker is driven by a passion for his craft.

Most knife makers greatly underestimate the price of their work. This is the result of a misunderstanding of what handmade means: exclusivity, a long time to produce a specimen, and an individual approach to each product.

The prices of custom knives in our online store range from $700 to $3,000. The cost of unique and collectible knives may be over $7,000. You can easily select a knife at the best price for you using the sorting by price on our website (“Low to High” or “High to Low”).

custom knives

Most expensive knives

Have you already seen our most expensive knives? Maybe, you’ve wondered why they cost so much. Just a second, I’ve got a surprise for you! Here are the TOP-10 of the most expensive knives you can buy from US-based knife dealers. Each of these is undoubtedly worthy of adorning a most exclusive collection of custom knives.

most expensive knife

World’s Most Expensive Knife – Shah Jahan Kard – $3,375,000

the most expensive knife in the world

Image credit: Christie’s Auction

Commissioned initially by Jahangir, the fourth Mughal emperor, in the early 1600s, the Shah Jahan Kard Dagger represents a significant artifact in the history of knives. Jahangir’s demise in 1627 led to the inheritance of the dagger by his son, Shah Jahan. Shah Jahan, ruling the Mughal empire from 1628 to 1658, oversaw a period marked by cultural and architectural advancements, including the construction of the Taj Mahal.

The dagger stands as a pinnacle of Mughal art. Its most distinctive feature, the hilt, showcases a three-dimensional head sculpted from jade stone, reflecting European artistic influences likely from European lapidaries at the Mughal court. The blade, adorned with scrolling designs and nasta’liq script inlaid in gold at the top, echoes Iranian artistic styles prevalent during the Mughal era.

A kard typically has a straight, single-edged blade. This particular kard, crafted from watered steel, measures 11 5/8 inches, with the entire dagger reaching a length of 16 inches. Historical records do not clearly state the exact dates of the dagger’s commission and completion. It is speculated that Shah Jahan might have inherited only the hilt from his father, later adding the blade and a gold inscription featuring an umbrella and a fish on each side.

Price Realized: $3,375 million at Christie’s Auction.

Buster Warenski – Gem of the Orient knife – $2,100,000

most expensive knives

Image credit: F.Pachi

The “Gem of the Orient” is a renowned and most expensive knife, famous for its extraordinary craftsmanship and luxurious embellishments. Crafted by Buster Warenski, a legendary American knifemaker, this knife is a masterpiece of artistry and skill. It features a handle encrusted with 153 emeralds (10 carats) and 9 diamonds (5 carats), set in 28 ounces of gold. The blade itself is made from the finest steel. This exceptional combination of precious materials and meticulous craftsmanship makes the “Gem of the Orient” not just a knife, but a significant work of art. As of my last update, the “Gem of the Orient” was valued at over $2 million, making it one of the most expensive knives in the world.

Price: $2,1 million.

Virtual Item Economy in Computer Games.
This information provides additional insight into the unique and often high-value economy that exists within the world of computer games, exemplified by the extraordinary valuation of virtual items like the CS:GO “The Blue Gem” Karambit knife.

Most expensive CS:GO Knife: The Blue Gem Karambit – $1.4 Million

In 2023, a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) knife skin, specifically a Karambit Case Hardened known as “The Blue Gem”, was allegedly valued at over $1.4 million (approximately €1.2 million or $1.4 million USD). This valuation, if accurate, would make it the most expensive CS:GO skin ever. The Karambit Case Hardened Knife is renowned for its rarity and distinctive appearance, featuring a completely blue color on one side. The knife’s value is attributed to various factors including rarity, float value, and pattern template. Initially valued at around $800,000 by a popular CS:GO skin trader, ohnePixel, the knife’s price was later updated to more than $1.4 million USD. Despite this high valuation, confirmation of an actual sale at this price remains unverified. The knife, acquired by its owner five years prior for about $100,000, symbolizes the significant financial and cultural value attributed to virtual items in online gaming communities.

Most expensive CSGO Knife

Most Expensive Dagger -$1,204,612

The Jade-Hilted Dagger and Mounts, with origins in North India or Deccan circa 1700-1750 and scabbard lining from North India or Iran around 1650, achieved a sale price of GBP 945,000 at Christie’s Auction. This equates to approximately USD 1,204,612, based on the exchange rate as of March 16, 2024.

most expensive dagger

Image credit: Christie’s Auction

The dagger features a double-edged, curved steel blade with a reinforced tip and an X-shaped hilt crafted from nephrite jade, adorned with emeralds and rubies set in gold. Its matching scabbard locket, chape, and tassel ornament complement the hilt’s design. The scabbard itself is wooden, lined with silk and metal thread textile showcasing poppy decorations, and is finished with tassels made from red and silver thread. The dagger measures 15 3/8 inches in length, the scabbard 12 inches, and the tassels 38 1/2 inches.

Gold and Turquoise-Hilted Knife – $582,380

Gold and Turquoise-Hilted Knife, Ottoman Turkey, 16th Century: This exquisite piece, sold at Christie’s auction for GBP 457,250 (approximately USD 582,380 based on the exchange rate on March 16, 2024), features a Wootz steel blade with a tapering form.

Gold and Turquoise Hilted Knife

Image credit: Christie’s Auction

Price: $582,380.

The knife’s gilt juncture is adorned with a single engraved leaf, and its hilt boasts turquoise with openwork gold arabesque, including birds in flight. The dagger’s spine is detailed with a narrow arabesque band, and a pink stone is inset within a gold rosette at the hilt’s top. Length: 7 in. (19.9 cm).

Buster Warenski – King Tut Dagger – $500,000


The King Tut Dagger, crafted by the renowned knifemaker Buster Warenski, stands as one of the world’s most expensive knives, valued at approximately $500,000. This exquisite piece is a homage to the craftsmanship of ancient Egypt, replicating the famous dagger found in King Tutankhamun’s tomb. Warenski meticulously created the dagger over several years, using materials that match the opulence of the original. The blade is made from gold, while the handle is adorned with lapis lazuli and other precious materials, mirroring the ancient design. This dagger is not only a testament to Warenski’s skill and dedication but also a remarkable fusion of historical replication and modern knifemaking artistry.

Price: $ 500,000.

Buster Warenski king tut dagger

If you want to buy King Tut Dagger you can contact Dave Ellis (one of the top knife collectors and knife dealers).

SR Johnson Full Integral Big Bear – $115,000

Steve SR Johnson Big Bear knife. Engraved by: Barry Lee Hands.

Blade: 8.5 inches
Total Length: 14.25 inches
Blade Composition: Full Integral CPM 154-CM
Handle Substance: Mother of Pearl
Guard Composition: Full Integral CPM-154

Steve SR Johnson knife

Image credit: F.Pachi

Price: $ 115,000.

The “Full Integral” Big Bear by SR Johnson, adorned with Mother of Pearl and featuring a Double Logo, stands as an exceptional piece. It alone could serve as a foundational element in any SR Johnson knife collection. The inclusion of Master Barry Lee Hands’ engraving elevates it significantly. His work, highly sought after by collectors who appreciate engraved Knife Art, adds value and distinction to this piece. This knife boasts approximately 103 VSF Diamonds and 157 24 Karat gold leaves and flowers within the engraving, set against a sculpted background.

Bob Loveless – Stag Lawndale Subhilt – $85,000

Bob Loveless, a legendary figure in the world of knife-making, is renowned for his contribution to crafting some of the most expensive and sought-after knives. Known for his innovative designs and impeccable craftsmanship, Loveless revolutionized the field with his approach to custom knife-making. His knives, particularly the drop point and hollow ground fighting knives, are iconic in the industry.

Bob loveless knife

Loveless’ dedication to using the highest quality materials, combined with his attention to detail, resulted in knives that were not only beautiful but also highly functional. His work influenced a generation of knife makers and set new standards in knife design and construction. The rarity and popularity of Loveless knives, along with their exceptional quality, make them highly valuable and collectible, often fetching high prices in the market.

Price: $ 85,000.

Custom knife from Bob Loveless of unknown steel. Knife with a fixed blade with an overall length of 14 5/8″ and a blade length of 9 5/16″. It has brass hilts; a Stag handle with fine red, white, and black spacers, a checkered handle spine, an aluminum pommel, and a thong lanyard hole. Includes leather sheath for the belt.

expensive knives

SR Johnson The Ultimate SRJ Dagger – $75,000

Steve SR Johnson Big Bear knife. Engraved by: Barry Lee Hands.

Blade: 7.25 inches
Total Length: 11.8125 inches
Blade Composition: PM 154-CM
Handle Substance: Mother of Pearl
Guard Composition: 416 Stainless Steel

SR Johnson Ultimate SRJ Dagger

Image credit: F.Pachi

Price: $ 75,000.

This Loveless style dagger showcases three-color virgin gold inlays on the 416 stainless bolsters, including antique 23k yellow, 18k green, and 22k rose gold. The inlays are executed with shaded flush inlay against a relieved and finely stippled 416 stainless background, framed by 24k gold flush line borders. The scales are made from Exhibition Grade Australian Silverlip Pearl, featuring Barry’s “Gilded Pearl” technique, with nineteen 24k gold leaves with stems on each side, offering an extensive use of 24k gold in comparison to previous works. The 300 series stainless pins that secure the scales include four brilliant cut diamonds, sourced from Gassan’s in Amsterdam. The dagger blade, made from PM 154-CM, is adorned with Barry’s “Burnished Gold” technique. The quillons feature raised, fully sculpted 24k gold leaves on the concave surfaces facing the scales, presenting a highly decorated dagger.

Most Expensive Chef Knife

Bob Kramer Queen Bee is a 10″ chef’s knife. This artifact represents one of the final collaborative works available from Bob Kramer and Tom Ferry.

most expensive chef knife

Price: $ 65,000.

The “Queen Bee” chef’s knife, a 10-inch marvel, boasts eight hand-engraved 24k gold bees, a Damascus blade with unique flower puzzle welds from 1080 and 15N20 tool steel, and a stainless steel handle, all intricately engraved by Tom Ferry. Crafted with attention to detail, this piece comes with an ebony stand for a comprehensive display, celebrating both the art of knifemaking and the inspiration drawn from nature’s tireless workers.

Wolfgang Loerchner Folding Dagger Knife – $42,000

The Wolfgang Loerchner Folding Dagger Knife, valued at $42,000, is among the most expensive and exquisitely crafted pocket knives in the world. Wolfgang Loerchner, a master knifemaker known for his artistic and intricate designs, created this folding dagger with meticulous attention to detail. The knife features a beautifully sculpted steel blade, harmoniously paired with an elegantly designed handle that showcases Loerchner’s skill in metalworking and design. The handle is often adorned with intricate engravings and inlays of precious materials, making it not only a functional tool but also a piece of art. The high value of this knife is a reflection of its exceptional craftsmanship, rarity, and the prestige associated with Loerchner’s work in the custom knife-making community.

expensive knife

Price: $ 42,000.

Folding Dagger with an overall length of 9-1/4 inches from Wolfe Loerchner. The dagger knife has golden 18k engravings. Folding Dagger with an engraving made by Alex Gev (Bulgaria) which has a satyr motif.

Michael Walker, D-Lock Folder Knife – $39,550

Michael Walker is a renowned figure in the world of high-end knives, particularly famous for creating some of the most expensive and sought-after pieces in the market. He is best known for his innovation in knife-making, especially the development of the Walker Linerlock mechanism, which revolutionized the functionality of folding knives.

expensive knives

Price: $ 39,550.

Michael Walker Custom Knife with D-Lock is the third generation from AKI. The product has inlays of 22K gold and shakudo/silver mokume (Shakudo is an alloy of copper with gold and black patina).

Damascus stainless blade with titanium handles has an overall length of 6-3/4″. Michael Walker has been making custom knives since 1980.

Walker secured the Walker Linerlock trademark in 1980 and he is the inventor of over 30 different knife mechanisms. He is the inventor of the Linerlock folding knife style. In 2004 inducted into The Blade Magazine Cutlery Hall of Fame.

Tom Overeynder – Automatic Folding Knife – $38,000

Most expensive knives

expensive pocket knives

TOP 10 expensive knives

Price: $ 38,000.

Automatic folder in the form of a Double Pocket Locket from Tom Overeynder. Engraved by Alex Gev which shows the first Chinese emperor Yu in a mythological scene. The engraving shows the first Emperor Yu overcoming and taming the water element with the help of dragons.

Alex Gev – Engraved Automatic Knife – $38,000

Alex Gev stands as one of the most skilled engravers in the realm of the most expensive knives, bringing an unparalleled level of artistry and precision to his work. His engravings are more than mere decorations; they are intricate narratives told on the canvas of steel and precious metals. Gev’s technique, which involves meticulous handwork and an eye for minute detail, transforms each knife into a unique masterpiece. His work often features elaborate motifs and complex patterns that require hours of dedication and an exceptional level of skill. His contribution elevates the aesthetic and monetary value of these knives, making them some of the most desirable and expensive in the world.

most expensive custom knives

Alex Gev

Price: $ 38,000.

Automatic custom knife by Alex Gev. Maker – Aleksandr Gevgalov (Bulgaria), a participant in the knife show – AKI 2022. This product features incredibly sophisticated and dainty engravings made by the knifemaker himself.

Michael Walker, Bladelock Folder with 22k Yellow Gold – $38,000

TOP 10 most expensive knives in the world

Michael Walker Bladelock Folder with 22k Yellow Gold and Sterling Inlays

Price: $38,000.

A “blade lock” US patent # 4,979,301 is the custom blade lock folder knife by Michael Walker. This knife is a third-generation blade lock. This product was manufactured approximately in 2005-2010. The blade, handles and lock bar are made of heat-treated Damascus steel. Walker’s machine engraving pattern is applied to the titanium pivot and screw. There are no repeating patterns. It has a large 22k gold inlay and other silver and gold inlays. Walker secured the Walker Linerlock trademark in 1980 and he is the inventor of over 30 different knife mechanisms. He is the inventor of the Linerlock folding knife style. In 2004 inducted into The Blade Magazine Cutlery Hall of Fame.

Ron Lake / Wolfe Loerchner Tail Lock Art Folding Knife – $33,500

The Ron Lake / Wolfe Loerchner Tail Lock Art Folding Knife is a standout piece in the category of the most expensive knives, showcasing a unique collaboration between two masters of knife-making. Ron Lake, with his expertise in innovative design and mechanics, combined with Wolfe Loerchner’s artistic finesse in metalwork, creates a folding knife that is not just a blade, but a work of art. The sophisticated tail lock mechanism, Lake’s hallmark, ensures flawless functionality, while Loerchner’s elaborate engravings elevate the knife to a luxury object. This knife is a striking example of the exquisite craftsmanship and artistic value that define the most expensive knives in the world.

Rone Lake knife

Price: $33,500.

Ron Lake’s blade is perfectly ground and finished as expected. The overall length of the knife is approximately 6.25” and 2.75” is the stainless steel blade. Loerchner stippled the frame and then went to work transforming a pretty folder with carved inlays of Gold, Damascus, and blacklip pearl. There is a rose gold bale and no doubt, you will agree that it will be difficult to find a more beautiful or rarer folder.

Alexis Lecocq Folder Knife – $29,995

Alexis Lecocq Folder Knife

Price: $29,995.

Custom folding knife by Alexis Lecocq, Egyptian engraving by engraver C.J. Cai. A model with Egyptian engraving, a back lock, overall length of 8.5″. RWL34 blade and AISI416 handle with four 22K yellow gold inlays on each side. Mitchell Cohen Alexis Lecoq is a young French cutler who graduated from the armory school of St Etienne. Alexis originally made fine custom guns, but now he is a full-time knife maker. The engraver is C.J. Cai – who resides in Honolulu, Hawaii, and does everything piece by hand.

Fraley, D.B. – Samurai Flipper – $24,000

Fraley D.B. Samurai Flipper knife

Price: $24,000.

A knife from one of the most popular knife makers D.B. Fraley. The engraver of the Samurai scene is C.J. Cai. A few words about the knife: big tactical flipper with an overall length of 10.5″ and a blade length of 4.5″. The model is a master splinter liner lock and the Blade is CPMS35VN. Scales and back straps are made of 416 stainless steel; Liners and pocket clips are made of titanium.

Corrado Moro Tourbillon folding knife – $10,000

Our exploration of the most expensive knives in the world begins with the Corrado Moro Tourbillon folding knife. This exceptional piece stands as a pinnacle of craftsmanship and luxury in the realm of high-end knives, setting the stage for our journey through the world of exquisitely crafted and valuable blades. As we delve into our list, the Corrado Moro Tourbillon serves as a fitting introduction to the intricate artistry and opulence that characterize the finest knives on the market.


Corrado Moro Tourbillon Folder Knife

Price: $10,000.

Corrado Moro, “Tourbillon” – designed according to the concept of mechanics that can be seen through the window as the most prestigious watches in the world. Moro was able to achieve such complexity in the manufacture of this knife and the combination of the radii of the blade with the handle, thanks to his experience in precision mechanics. The main characteristics of this product are that it is made of Aisi 416 stainless steel, black pearl lip, carbon fiber, and blade RWL-34 RSP (60 HRC). The overall length of the product is 200 mm (7.8 inches) and the length of the blade is 85 mm (3.3 inches). Corrado Moro was born in 1972 in Turin. At the age of 14, he attended a vocational school in the field of precision engineering, having received various specializations in the field of mechanical processing. After graduating from school, he began working as a toolmaker, specializing in construction, installation, and EDM machining. For 23 years, he has been working in the same company.

Exclusive Knives for Sale

If you’re looking for a unique gift knife priced between 4,000 and 10,000 US dollars, take a look at our collection of exclusive handmade knives.  The quality, craftsmanship, artistic fineness, and precious materials of each of these one-of-a-kind handicrafts will impress any true knife lover.


Are these knives meant for regular use?

The most expensive knives typically serve as collectibles or showpieces rather than for regular use. Craftsmen design these knives with rare materials, intricate craftsmanship, and often historical or artistic significance. While their build quality often allows for functionality, the value and rarity of such knives make them impractical for daily tasks. Owners usually preserve these knives in pristine condition to maintain their value and aesthetic appeal.

What materials make a knife more valuable?

Materials contributing to a knife’s value include Damascus steel, high-carbon stainless steel, titanium, and exotic alloys. Precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum, often used in inlays or embellishments, substantially increase value. Timascus, a titanium Damascus, offers unique aesthetics and durability. Rare gemstones and historical artifacts incorporated into the design add uniqueness and historical value. Unique materials like exotic woods and mammoth tusks enhance visual appeal and rarity. The combination of these materials with skilled craftsmanship results in a knife’s increased worth and collectibility.

How do I authenticate a high-value knife?

To authenticate a high-value knife, first consult a reputable appraiser or expert in knife collecting. They can provide insights based on their knowledge of knife makers, materials, and historical significance. Examine the maker’s marks, usually stamped or engraved on the blade or handle, which indicate the manufacturer or artisan. Research the provenance of the knife, seeking documentation or a proven history of ownership. Analyze the materials and craftsmanship for signs of authenticity, comparing them with known standards for the knife’s claimed origin. Utilize scientific testing, if necessary, to verify materials. Lastly, consult collector communities or databases for additional insights and verification.

Are these knives a good investment?

High-value knives can be a good investment, but this depends on several factors. Market demand, rarity, condition, and provenance significantly impact a knife’s investment potential. Well-crafted knives from renowned makers or with historical significance are often appreciated over time. Collectors value unique designs, superior materials, and craftsmanship. However, the niche market and changing trends can affect liquidity and value. Potential investors should conduct thorough research, understand market dynamics, and consult with experts. Like all investments, high-value knives carry risks, and their worth can fluctuate based on external factors.

How do you maintain your most expensive knife?

Maintaining an expensive knife involves proper handling, cleaning, storage, and occasional servicing. Handle the knife with care, avoiding abrasive surfaces and impacts that can damage the blade or handle. Clean the knife after use with a soft, damp cloth and dry immediately to prevent corrosion or tarnish. For intricate parts or materials, use appropriate cleaning agents. Store the knife in a dry, controlled environment, preferably in a padded case or display that prevents moisture and dust accumulation. Regularly oil the blade and moving parts if applicable, using oil suited for the knife’s materials or  Renaissance Wax.  Sharpen the edge professionally to maintain its cutting capability without compromising the blade’s integrity. Periodically check for signs of wear or damage, and consult a professional for any necessary repairs or restorations. Proper maintenance ensures the knife’s longevity, appearance, and value.

In Conclusion

The world of knives is as deep and multifaceted as any other collectible domain, from fine art to vintage cars. As we’ve journeyed through the list of the most expensive knives, it becomes clear that these are not just mere tools, but masterpieces of craftsmanship, history, and luxury. Their value doesn’t just lie in their functionality, but in their story, the rare materials, the artisan’s touch, and sometimes, centuries of heritage. To the uninitiated, it might seem excessive to invest so much in a knife, but to those who understand, these pieces are a blend of artistry, functionality, and investment. They remind us that the line between utility and luxury can sometimes blur, elevating everyday objects into extraordinary treasures. Whether you’re an avid collector or simply an admirer, the world’s most expensive knives offer a fascinating glimpse into the apex of craftsmanship and opulence in the world of edged tools.

Author: Aleks Nemtcev | Connect with me on LinkedIn


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Knife Legends website.

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Bob Kramer Queen Bee Knife

Christie’s Auction

Most expensive daggers Christie’s

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    Very informative. These knives are just so captivating.

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    I own two custom knives I would like to sell. Where can i do this?


    Selling custom knives involves selecting appropriate platforms that cater to specialized interests. Options include online marketplaces such as eBay or Etsy, dedicated knife forums, and social media groups. Additionally, attending knife shows or contacting local knife shops can provide opportunities to sell custom knives directly to collectors and enthusiasts.

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    The world of luxury knives is truly fascinating, and your roundup of the most expensive knives in the world puts the spotlight on the extraordinary craftsmanship behind these pieces. It’s amazing to see how materials, history, and artistry combine to create such valuable and coveted works of art. This post has added a few dream pieces to my virtual collection!

  • SteelCollector

    Absolutely fascinating to see the craftsmanship and artistry that goes into creating these high-end knives! The materials, history, and detail are truly a testament to the knife-making art. While I’d love to own one of these masterpieces, my budget might force me to just admire from afar. Out of curiosity, does anyone here own a knife in this price range? How does it compare in terms of performance to more ‘average-priced’ knives?

  • Enrique

    In fact, the most expensive knife is the blue gem karambit with a price of 1.5 million dollars.

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