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Aristocrat Knife Collection

A blade has always been the ultimate aristocratic accessory. This traditional symbol of wealth and power was a class-related thing in the past, but now everyone can add a custom knife or dagger to their image — or make a luxurious gift to a special friend or partner. And what says luxurious more than gold? That’s why NOBLIE has arranged this premium knife collection of only the finest blades generously decorated with gold.

This collection unites very different blades. Here you may find tiny art knives with intricate engravings, artsy design, and gold plating. Some of them feature beautiful scenes made of gold and silver commemorating most glorious battles of the past or depicting hunting stories. These could serve as a perfect little gift for just about every true man. But if you’re looking for something even more impressive, take a look at our gilded daggers, sabers and swords. Nothing commands more respect than an ornate sword.

NOBLIE makes sure that quality of these blades matches their appearance. Our masters use the finest materials and traditional metalwork techniques to create extraordinary decorative weaponry. These custom knives also include equally impressive sheathes richly decorated with gold, handmade wooden boxes, and other accessories. We are sure you will be able to find something special just for you in our knife collection.

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