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Custom Swords Made Just for You

The sword has been an indispensable attribute of noblemen for centuries. Here at Noblie, we bring your vision to life with handcrafted, custom swords. We are passionate about the art of sword making, offering a range of options for history buffs, collectors, and those seeking a truly personalized swords. Work directly with a custom sword maker: Discuss your vision and collaborate to create a sword that exceeds your expectations. This stage determines the sword's aesthetics, including shape, size, and decorative elements.

Variety of customization options to make your sword truly your own

Choose your blade: Select from a range of materials like Damascus steel, stainless or high carbon steel, ensuring the perfect balance of strength and flexibility. Design the hilt: Pick from comfortable and functional handle styles, or create a custom design to fit your grip. Add a personal touch: Let our skilled artisans personalize your sword with hand engraving on the blade or scabbard.

Commission a handmade sword

Own a piece of history: Commission a replica of a famous historical sword, or create your own unique design inspired by a particular era. Collectible masterpieces: Invest in a beautifully crafted sword that will be a treasured heirloom for generations to come. The perfect gift: Surprise a sword enthusiast with a personalized blade, engraved with their name, initials, or a special message.

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