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Acey-Deucey is a popular variation of backgammon featuring some important differences (players need to introduce the pieces to the board in the beginning).
Backgammon Live is a free download application that enables backgammon lovers to play online.
In Russian backgammon, all fifteen checkers start from a single position, and cannot be hit by opponent’s checkers.
In hypergammon, each player begins with only three pieces placed on the three most distant points of the board (the 22-point, the 23-point and the 24-point).

Custom backgammon sets are expensive because they are made out of premium materials and feature top-notch handicraft to provide superb gaming experience. Upscale backgammon sets use rare woods (such as rosewood or Karelian birch), amber or other precious materials. Each stage of the production process is supervised by experienced craftsmen to secure utmost quality.

Some customers ask whether they can personalize their backgammon set by adding a name or monogram. Manufacturers of custom backgammon sets offer such an opportunity. You can order a backgammon set with a name, logo, initials, monogram or even your family crest to be custom made for you.

Noblie Backgammon Set: Where Luxury Meets Game Night

Elevate your game nights with Noblie's exquisite backgammon sets. Each set is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, boasting custom designs and hand-made construction. We use only the finest materials to ensure glamorous aesthetics and unmatched quality. Whether you're a seasoned player or a discerning collector, Noblie backgammon sets offer a unique blend of timeless tradition and contemporary luxury.

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