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Noblie Collectibles is a manufacturer of premium porcelain chess sets and other amazing gifts. Noblie porcelain chess sets feature top-quality materials and superb handicraft. Each of porcelain figurines is carefully handmade, glazed and painted by seasoned craftsmen.

A unique chess set is a chess set custom made, in one copy or in a limited batch, often to customer’s order. Expensive chess sets made out of rare materials, such as precious wood, amber or porcelain, lavishly adorned or dressed, qualify as unique chess. Such chess sets feature exclusive handicraft where each piece is carefully handmade, painted and garnished by an experienced craftsman.

Noblie exclusive porcelain chess sets are masterpieces that feature superb craftsmanship. Only traditional materials are used, and each piece is carefully handmade, painted and adorned by seasoned craftsmen. These pieces of art are made one-at-a-time and are really unique.

Handcrafted Porcelain Chess Sets: Heirloom-Quality Works of Art

Each of our elegant porcelain chess sets are an amazing handmade work of art produced with most scrupulous care by Noblie masters. Porcelain chess pieces with 22K gold are hand-painted and thoroughly embodied in an appropriate style relevant to a certain historic period or event, making Noblie chess a high class interior item or a great gift for a special person.

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