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Silver Age

Our stunning collection of custom made knives and daggers with silver finishing is made for those who value quality. These beautiful and unique products are furnished with silver finish. Special technology of finishing makes knives sparkle on shelves of any collection.

Collection contains a number of amazing designs of knives to suit any taste. There are art knives, custom knives, art daggers and hand-made collectibles available for purchase. An extraordinary style makes these pieces become valuable additions to one’s personal inventory. The name of Silver Age comes from a very specific smiths’ craft used to create the daggers. We use pure silver to finish the knife parts.

Knife blades come in different shapes, sizes and forms. It’s important to note that the handles are all unique as well. For every particular item there is a carefully thought out design that is consistent in every little detail of the collectible. It’s an art, and we pursue it.

These are present worthy items. Every and each of them is an exclusive to our Nobile shop. Aside from collection, these may be used as a gift to someone who fancies knives and such. Also the knives are rather sharp and can be easily used for its primal purpose, although, we do not advise you use them that way.

Art pieces of our shop are truly remarkable. If there’s anything you look for in a collectible – you sure will find it in our catalogue of handmade knives.

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