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A sword cane (also known as swordstick or cane-sword) is a walking cane concealing a slender blade. This type of walking stick was a popular fashion accessory for the upper-class European citizens during the 18th and 19th centuries. It served as a self-defense weapon and a symbol of status of the owner.

Noblie shop is a manufacturer of high-end walking canes, swordsticks and other premium accessories. Noblie swordsticks feature top-quality materials and superb craftsmanship. Lavishly adorned with gilding, hand engraving and etching, each of Noblie walking sticks is an everyday mobility aid that greatly enhances one’s fashion or image.

Laws pertaining to sword canes can vary substantially from state to state. The laws of many states within the USA allow sword canes to be carried in public (however, a license may be required). In Florida, one may carry, but not brandish, a sword cane. However, in California, it is a criminal offense to manufacture, sell, import, give, or possess cane swords. Therefore, when deciding to carry a sword cane, one should consider the laws of the particular state regarding blade length, blade style, and concealment.

The Enduring Allure of Sword Canes and Walking Sticks

Sword canes and staffs had the show of power in days past, and no wonder they have become an estimable accessory for gentlemen all around the world. Today, apart from being a useful mobility aid, an elegant walking cane can also greatly enhance one’s fashion or image.
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