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How Much Do Damascus Steel Knives Cost? Complete Answer

Written by:
Dr. Braide Honest
March 14, 2023
damascus fixed blade knife

Explore the factors influencing Damascus knife prices, including craftsmanship and materials, to understand their value and make informed purchasing decisions.

Damascus knives are one of the few types of knives that are still being handmade using traditional methods. So it goes without saying that this knife is not cheap as it takes time and effort to make every single one. 

A good quality Damascus knife will be a conversation starter. However, with its price ranging between $100 to $500, one must wonder if buying this knife is worth it. So if you are wondering how much a Damascus steel costs, what makes these knives so expensive, and whether you should buy one, keep reading. 

How much should you pay for a Damascus knife?

A Damascus knife goes through a complex manufacturing process, making it a sought-after tool. The maker has to use special steel forging techniques to create a single blade. 

Once the Damascus blade goes through all the processing, it develops eye-catching patterns on the blade, a hallmark of this knife. In some places, cheap knockoffs of Damascus knives with manually drawn designs are available for as low as $20. 

However, an actual Damascus blade with authentic patterns comes at a premium. Generally, the more expensive Damascus knives have better craftsmanship and can be sold for over $700. 

damascus knife priceCredits: Robertson’s Custom Cutlery

damascus knives

What makes Damascus knives so expensive?

By now, we have established that a Damascus blade with more defined and unique patterns will be more expensive. However, there are other factors to consider when determining the price of a Damascus blade than just the patterns on its blade. Here are some factors that make a Damascus blade so expensive:

They are made from high-quality steel: While the actual Damascus steel from medieval times and its composition has been lost, a close variation of that steel is still being created today. Damascus knives are crafted using improvised Damascus steel that contains two or more steel alloys, such as carbon steel.

The blacksmith then hammers the layers of multiple steel alloys until the distinct Damascus steel pattern is obtained. 

Combining multiple steel alloys requires special skills, making Damascus steel knives some of the most expensive in the world. 

mosaic damascus knives

The natural patterns of Damascus knives can’t be replicated: As mentioned earlier, the natural patterns that are the hallmark of Damascus blades aren’t easily replicable. If someone tried to etch or engrave these patterns on a regular knife, it would be easy to spot the fake one. 

The natural patterns of the Damascus knife run throughout the blade, even on areas such as the spine and part under the handle. The distinct patterns and the difficulty of replicating them are other reasons for why these knives are expensive. 

damascus knife cost Credits: Robertson’s Custom Cutlery

Damascus knives have a high demand but a short supply: Another reason for the hefty price tag of a Damascus knife comes down to basic economics. Since Damascus blades stand out from any other knife, they are considered a collectible item. Knife collectors worldwide are ready to pay good money for an authentic Damascus knife. 

On the flip side, there are not enough Damascus knives being manufactured. That is because, unlike mass-produced knives, a Damascus knife takes a considerable amount of time to prepare. So the lack of supply and high demand is another reason it’s expensive. Most Damascus blade makers claim that a good knife takes over 200 hours of labor. Since you can’t just put some metal in a machine and get a knife, the high labor cost and time make it expensive. damascus knife for sale

The quality of the blade affects its price: Not all Damascus knives are made to the same standard because there is no set dimension or quality control for these knives. So naturally, an expert-made higher, quality blade will be more expensive. 

Since the art of making Damascus knives is rare today, manufacturers that produce high-quality blades sell them for a premium. This is why a high-quality Damascus blade that ticks all the boxes of quality sells for hundreds of dollars. 


Video credit: Business Insider.

Damascus blades can have up to 600 layers: Another factor that can affect the cost of a Damascus knife is its number of layers. As mentioned earlier, a Damascus blade is made of layers and layers of multiple different types of steel. The more layers a Damascus blade has the higher its price. 

For example, a knife with 300 layers can cost around $200. On the other hand, a high-quality 600-layer Damascus knife crafted by an expert can be more than $500, with some examples selling for over $1000. So when you are trying to determine the price of a knife, pay attention to how many layers its blade has. 

All the factors mentioned above can raise the cost of a Damascus blade. Only an expert with experience in buying and selling knives can spot small details that help them accurately judge the price of a Damascus blade. However, for an average user who wants a good-looking yet reliable knife, a Damascus knife for about $100 should work just fine.

Handmade production: Many Damascus steel knives are handmade by skilled artisans, which can add to the cost of the knife. This is especially true for custom-made knives, which are often made to order and can involve more time and effort to produce. 

Brand reputation: Some Damascus steel knives are made by well-known and reputable brands that have a history of producing high-quality knives. These brands may command a higher price due to their reputation.

Customization: Many Damascus steel knives can be customized with different handle materials, blade lengths, and other features. Customization can add to the cost of the knife, especially if it requires additional time and effort on the part of the maker.

damascus steel priceImage credit: Robertson’s Custom Cutlery

Are Damascus knives worth the price tag?

Damascus knives are worth the price tag for many reasons. The high quality of steel used in these blades, combined with their unique and intricate patterns, makes them highly sought after. Furthermore, Damascus blades typically contain anywhere from 300 to 600 layers making them incredibly strong and durable while also being visually appealing. Finally, each knife is handmade and customized according to individual preferences adding an element of exclusivity that further increases its value. Overall, it’s easy to see why Damascus knives command such a premium price tag – they truly are works of art!

With that said, if you are someone who wants a knife that has centuries-old tradition behind it, then the Damascus knife is the right option for you.

mosaic damascus blades


By now, you can tell there is no fixed price for a Damascus blade, as its price is affected by many factors. There is no shortage of fake Damascus knives on the market, so you should perform due diligence when purchasing an expensive one. 

When it comes to buying a quality  Damascus knife,  Noblie is the perfect choice. Our handmade production and attention to detail ensure that each blade has unique patterns. We also offer competitive prices for our top-tier blades so you can trust that your investment will not go wasted! With quality materials and craftsmanship, we guarantee satisfaction with every purchase – making us the ideal shop for any collector or enthusiast looking for an exquisite custom-made Damascus knife. Invest in one today and start enjoying its beauty combined with unbeatable performance!

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